Volume XLII - January 31, 2020

Recently, on the Bayfront Campus, B Dorm was closed due to COVID-19 concerns. Residents were moved primarily to Pritzker Residence Hall (Z Dorm). The fitness center was also closed after a being exposed to COVID-19. There has been no announcement as to when it will be reopened.

Fine Line was an okay album.

Weekly Bulletin

  • The fitness center and pool remain closed indefinitely.
  • The State University System's Board of Governor's is meeting on Jan. 27 in Sudakoff.
  • The new campus daily symptom tracker has been launched. It can be found on the myncf portal.
Editor's Picks
Campus News
“Committed to quality of community” — Dr. Jane Fernandes’ presidential candidate visit to New College
07 April 2021
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06 April 2021
Local News
Piney Point reservoir breach threatens to inundate homes and businesses, brings potential ecological impacts in Tampa Bay
06 April 2021
An indoor dinner with a presidential candidate was already controversial. Then they took off their masks.
31 March 2021
Find your voice on WSLR 96.5
30 March 2021

New College tackles COVID-19

With a total of 25 positive cases New College is working to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by using a daily symptom tracker, hybrid learning, and random testing. With rising cases across Florida and spring semester fast approaching New College will have to continue its efforts.

Read how the campus has fared below.

COVID-19 can’t stop the music: TDPS produces first musical in over 10 years
06 April 2021
My Chemical Romance and Thursday: a history
16 March 2021
New College’s “Field Day Extravaganza”: A Day of COVID-safe fun in the sun
16 March 2021
Video Girl’s musical journey from a Sarasota church to the airwaves of Denver
16 March 2021
Student leaders testified against Bright Futures bill in Tallahassee on Tuesday
17 March 2021
New College’s future president has been narrowed down to five candidates. What’s the next step?
16 March 2021
Board of Trustees preparing for potential budget cuts
23 February 2021
Young Peruvians demand change after congress impeaches president
25 November 2020

Late night at Caples

In the spirit of Halloween, Catalyst staff writer, June Snell, illustrated students' ghost stories on-campus. New College at night, with it's ghastly shadows and dark corners, can leave a lot up to imagination, but with reported ghost sightings around campus, maybe reality is stranger than fiction.

To submit artwork, email the Catalyst at catalyst@ncf.edu

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