Spooky six-word story contest

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One never knows what lurks in the dark corners of New College nights.

Sometimes, short doesn’t mean sweet…

The Catalyst received a plethora of submissions for spooky six-word stories from students, staff and faculty. Our staff voted on our favorites. Congratulations to all of the winners and honorable mentions! 

First place: 

Empty elevator opens. “Crowded…”, she mumbled. 

—Sherry Yu, faculty 

Second place:

She was talkative for a corpse. 

—Samantha Sacristan, student 

Third place (tie): 

One human body: under new ownership.

—Isabella Michal, student 

Dog brought me another hand today 

—Susan Stahley, staff 

Honorable mentions: 

Final exam; never been to class.

 —Chris Kottke, faculty 

When the birds turn into bats.

—Daniel Hernandez, staff

The moonlight man emerges, grinning insidiously.

—Zane DiVita, student

Children unmasked, escape this darkest time. 

—Nicholas Delon, faculty 

Reading Dracula; wake to circling bats. 

—Miriam Wallace, faculty 

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