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Maria D. Vesperi

Maria is a professor of anthropology specializing in urban North America who came to New College from the Washington Bureau of the Tampa Bay Times in 1993. Approached by students interested in journalism even before she arrived, she established Newspaper Writing and Production/College Newspaper Editing as a group tutorial in 1994. Since that time it has been her joy to work with talented students who are passionate about reporting for the class’s central project, the Catalyst.

Staff Profiles

Editor in Chief

Gaby Batista

Gaby is an Anthropology AOC living in Broward County, Florida, originally from Puerto Rico. They love to watch Youtube videos, play on their Nintendo Switch and learn new dances. You will likely catch them dancing to no music or hanging out with friends!

Managing Editor

Isaac Tellechea

Isaac Tellechea is a New College of Florida Humanities/Creative Writing graduate. This spring marked three years of Tellechea’s involvement with the Catalyst. He is currently working towards establishing a career in journalism. Outside of the Catalyst, Tellechea enjoys writing short prose and poetry, playing basketball and eating good food.

Copy Editor

Veronica Jolley

Veronica is a third-year student studying Literature and Russian. She loves learning new things and in her free time enjoys collaging, reading and hanging out with her cat Bella.

Copy Editor

Aria Lockman

Aria Lockman is a second-year student who is from Palm Bay, FL. She is interested in Creative Writing and Journalism and spends her free time hanging out with her bird, reading books, and writing. She is also a tea fanatic and can spend all day talking about her bird. She also loves plants but is not very good at keeping them alive.

Staff Writers

Alexandra Levy


Alexandra Levy is a first-year student studying political science and literature. Alexandra is an actress and creative writer, with a passion for playwriting. She hopes to be a journalist for her future career fueling her love for politics and law. She is so grateful to be a part of this brave and wonderful newspaper. 

Riley Bucklin

Riley is a second-year student studying Sociology. Their interests outside of the Catalyst include visual art and collages, making and listening to music, animatronics, abandoned buildings and photography. Though only having worked on the Catalyst for a single semester, Riley has become passionate about documenting and commemorating the voices and experiences of New College.

Chloe Rusek

Chloe is a thesis student currently working on her thesis film centering the production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on campus. In her free time Chloe loves creating jewelry, doing makeup looks, cutting and coloring hair and hanging out with her cat.

Naomi Nerlien

Naomi is a first-year student studying English and Chinese Language & Culture. She founded the NCF Treeleaders and enjoys reading fiction novels. Naomi is proud of her Haitian heritage and hopes to inspire more people from her community to pursue their academic dreams.

Andy Trinh

Andy Trinh is a third-year English and Computer Science AOC. He has an interest in research and the process of recording history, and Wikipedia is his best friend. Andy is obsessed with New College history, and will tell you which tradition we should bring back next if you just ask. He also loves writing and reading comics, so feel free to give him recommendations!

Cole Kinsley


Lucy Duke

Lucy is a third-year transfer student from Tallahassee, Florida. Her AOC is in Political Science and she enjoys art, crafting and walking around Sarasota.

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  1. Arthur (Mac) Miller,, Prof Emeritus

    Fine staff . . . fun profiles! Excellent focus on substance and relevance of Florida and national news on the relevant concerns of NCF.

  2. Jason

    A great team!

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