The Catalyst is an academic tutorial and student-run newspaper sponsored by Dr. Maria Vesperi. New College opened to students in 1964 and the newspaper was founded soon after that. The paper emerged from a hiatus in the 1980s as its current form in Fall 1992. The paper had been printing and distributing campus-wide until the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly forced operations online, and the Catalyst will continue to be distributed virtually until further notice. 

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Staff Profiles

Editor in Chief

Anna Lynn Winfrey

Anna Lynn is a thesis student studying Human Geography from Denver, CO. She enjoys baking bread, cross stitching while listening to podcasts and reading books before going to sleep. 

Managing Editor

Ky Miller

Ky is a thesising Anthropology and Environmental Studies double AOC with a particular interest in community based conservation. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, hiking and watching too many telenovelas.

Co-Copy Editors

Sofia Lombardi

Sofia is a second-year student from the DC area studying History and Spanish. She enjoys writing about politics, watching reality TV and cooking in her spare time. Sofia is also the 2020-21 President of the New College Student Alliance. 

Sofia Lombardi

Claire Newberg

Claire Newberg is a fourth-year literature AOC. She enjoys watching Netflix, playing guitar, and reading tarot cards. 

Online Editor

Sergio Salinas

Sergio Salinas is a second year student, studying journalism studies, from Miami, FL. He enjoys graphic design, photography, and reading. Born in Peru, Salinas moved to the States when he was five and has since enjoyed his time as a fellow Floridian

Social Media Editor

Sophia Brown

Sophia Brown is a second-year student from Lutz, Florida. She’s interested in English and Writing Studies, but also enjoys music and theater in her spare time, unfortunately for those within earshot. 

Staff Writers

Sofia Jimenez

Sofia Jimenez is a fourth-year thesis student studying humanities. She enjoys taking dance classes, herbalism and film. Ask her about her national student exchange experience she’ll talk your ear off!

Willa Tinsley

Willa Tinsley is in her third year at New College. She loves to dance, jibber-jabber and stick it to the man, always.

Holly Penta

Holly Penta is a visiting student from Louisiana who is majoring in Child and Family Studies and minoring in a lot of seemingly random things. She loves it here in Florida and goes to the beach whenever she can.

Chris Wing

Chris Wing is a first-year student from South Florida. He enjoys reading books, listening to music, and wants to write stories of his own someday.

Nicole Silvera

Nicole is a first year transfer student from sunny south Florida. She loves to read, write, create, perform, climb trees, dance like nobody is watching and walk her dog, Oliver. She is loves all living beings and can’t wait to give people big ‘ol hugs, but for the meantime, will stick to hugging trees.

June Snell

June Snell is a second year from Kansas. Though her AOC is in the natural sciences, she is mostly an artist. June has 3 murals in Kansas and sells hand sculpted earrings at the farmer’s market, along with singing and writing music. June is the master of side hustles and impulsive business ventures. She spends a lot of time exploring outside instead of working, much like a golden retriever.

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