The Catalyst is an academic tutorial and student-run newspaper sponsored by Dr. Maria Vesperi. New College opened to students in 1964 and the newspaper was founded soon after that. The paper emerged from a hiatus in the 1980s and emerged in its current form in Fall 1992. The paper was printed and distributed campus-wide until the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly forced operations online, and the Catalyst will continue to be distributed virtually until further notice. 

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Staff Profiles

Editor in Chief

Sophia Brown

Sophia is a fourth-year thesis student studying English and Rhetoric in Writing. Her non-Catalyst related passions include studying and writing poetry, musical theater (unfortunately for those within earshot) and the tarot. She’s honored to have such a brilliant team of staff writers on her side (who you should read more about below!) and to have the opportunity to spearhead student journalism at New College.

Editor in Chief 

Isaac Tellechea


Staff Writers

Nickolas Steinig
Nickolas Steinig is a fourth-year student studying multimedia journalism, politics and videography. They’ve been a staff writer at the Catalyst for three semesters and have carved out a niche for tackling complex, controversial social issues. They also enjoy making music & video art and try to bring humor into life’s troubles.

Basil Pursley
Basil Pursley is a Second-Year from North Georgia. He hopes to become a professional journalist after college, and has a particular interest in government and education. In their rare free time, they enjoy taking a nice cozy nap.

Gaby Batista
Gaby Batista is an Anthropology AOC from Broward County, Florida and loves to watch Youtube videos and learn dances. You will likely catch them dancing to no music or hanging out with friends!

Aria Lockman
Aria Lockman is a first year student who is from Palm Bay, FL. She is interested in Creative Writing and Journalism and spends her free time hanging out with her bird, reading books, and writing. She is also a tea fanatic and can spend all day talking about her bird. She also loves plants but is not very good at keeping them alive.

Christine Wehner
Christine is a second-year with a future area of concentration in Creative Writing and Rhetoric and Writing. She has a passion for bringing awareness to disability advocacy and issues in accessibility both on and off campus. Christine’s interests include rainbows, fashion, typology (Myers Briggs, Enneagram, etc), astrology, and dancing, and she is also an administrator for Dance Collective. Her favorite aspect of working in the newsletter is photography, and she wants to make sure everyone feels seen and heard in our issues.

Brynn Halpern
Brynn is a passionate writer from Clermont, Florida who loves watercolor painting, fashion, cats, and the color red. Some of her favorite subjects are anthropology, literature, and environmental studies. I am studying communications with a minor in Spanish language and culture. she hopes to take her New College education to a career in public relations marketing. “Nice to meet you! I’m so excited to be a part of the Catalyst team!”

Natalie Kornblum
Nat is a fourth year Social Sciences student with a double minor in Gender Studies and Rhetoric and Writing. She loves reading, writing, gardening, cooking, baking, and absolutely nothing else. She has aspirations in education and publishing and a pet fish named Froot Loop.

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  1. Arthur (Mac) Miller,, Prof Emeritus

    Fine staff . . . fun profiles! Excellent focus on substance and relevance of Florida and national news on the relevant concerns of NCF.

  2. Jason

    A great team!

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