Submission: Working From Home

Submitted by Anna Wright

It is difficult to work from home.
There is little incentive to put on clothes
Or get out of bed just to sit in a sunken chair
Or eat

I am depressed. And anxious,
As if there are little cameras here watching
And I have to be continuously working in order to live up to my pay.
But then, sometimes I think about how much time I waste
In the office, with talking, and walking, and driving.
And then I don’t feel too bad about taking more frequent breaks.
Still, I am a public servant.

It is hard to work from home and separate work from home.
I am surrounded by chores I would rather be doing—and sometimes do.
And now, I have run out of pressing things to complete.
Working up the integrity and motivation to keep going on is more difficult than I
I don’t feel very essential.
Still, I work.

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