Ringling Underground’s triumphant return
The Museum Courtyard makes for the ideal spot on the Ringling property to host a concert.

Ringling Underground’s triumphant return

Like many other social events both on and off campus, Ringling Undergroundan event hosted by the Ringling Museum of Art, which features local artists and musicians performing at the iconic Museum Courtyardis returning this year. Previous events at the Ringling Museum of Art were cancelled due to COVID-19, and there has been some confusion surrounding whether Ringling Underground could be expected to return this year due to the sudden cancellation of the event on Sept. 2. Students had begun to worry about the fate of future events at the museum, but Ringling Underground and all other upcoming events are currently scheduled to continue without issue.

While the return of Ringling Underground may have been slightly delayed, students can look forward to enjoying music created by local artists performed in the stunning courtyard of the Ringling Museum of Art. The bands that will be performing include Dream Thing, Glaze and Palomino Blond.

Tickets are currently being sold online, and the event is slated to take place on Oct. 7. But as always, New College students can get in for free as long as they show their student ID. 

However, these gatherings present a greater risk of COVID-19. While masks are highly recommended, the Ringling Museum is unable to force visitors to wear them. Any students looking to attend should exercise caution, maintain distance from other event attendees and wear a mask. 

With Walls, Center of the Universe parties (COUPs) and now Ringling Underground returning, New College students can look forward to more options for social events both on and off-campus, and a sense that life may be returning to normal.

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