Trans Day of Remembrance creates space for reflection and community conversation on campus
A graphic from the email advertisement for this year's observance of the annual Trans Day of Remembrance.

Trans Day of Remembrance creates space for reflection and community conversation on campus

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In a collaboration between Queery, Resident Advisors (RAs) for V Residence Hall or “Pride Hall,” the New College Student Alliance (NCSA) Diversity and Inclusion department and the Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC), a Trans Day of Remembrance event was held on Nov. 20 to allow members of the New College community to reflect on the bravery, activism and love shared by the transgender community. Curators supplied trans flags, fake candles and a supportive environment to bring students together to commemorate those who have passed in the trans community.

“We had painful yet necessary discussions about the hardships transgender people face everyday, anti-LGBTQ+ legislation currently being passed and the unfortunate shooting that happened in Colorado at Club Q” Queery President and first-year Jamie DeLa said.

DeLa explained that the event, which is both observed annually at New College and is normally held outside, had to be pushed indoors last minute due to weather concerns, but this did little to stifle the spirits of attendees. 

“Although the hardships are necessary to discuss, we also discussed the beauty of being genderqueer,” DeLa continued. “We spoke about trans role models in our lives, what being trans meant to us and how we can come together as a community to work together for liberation. After discussion, we held a moment of silence for the trans lives lost, then proceeded to chalk outside of V Hall for the remaining time of the event.” 

DeLa explained the significance of using the chalk and candles as a physical reminder of those who were tragically lost.

“It felt so fantastic to be able to host this event with the RA of V Hall Abby Fussel,” DeLa continued. “The event was a success and felt very very productive in terms of conversation, community and peer bonding. It was really an awesome event and I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

Following recent hardships that the community has been facing politically, such as the move to ban transgender healthcare for minors in Florida, as well as the shooting in Colorado Springs has made this event even more important than ever. 

“I am just so grateful to be on a campus with such a variety of students with varying identities that make events like this so special and unique,” DeLa said. “Being the president of a club that celebrates queerness and embraces it is something I never would have dreamed of leading growing up. My heart is out to all those affected by the shooting in Colorado as well as those feeling loss about anyone who may have passed due to their gender identity or expression.”

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