The Nook gets new hole-free hammocks
New Rainbow Hammock in The Nook. Photo by Basil Pursley

The Nook gets new hole-free hammocks

As of Apr. 20, the Nook has upgraded hammocks! The small green area to the side of the Hamilton “Ham” Center which hosts the banyan tree, picnic tables and immaculate vibes has had its signature hole-ridden hammocks replaced with new vibrant ones. 

Thesis student Nick Beck is the one responsible for the upgrades, and he explained that it was a personal initiative to improve campus life. 

“I noticed the four new hammocks in the equipment closet when I was prepping for Vampire COUP [Center of the Universe Party] in October,” Beck explained via email. “Then re-noticed them a couple of weeks back for the Bimbo Ball Wall.” 

Beck explained that after discovering the hammocks, he emailed Physical Plant requesting that the locks on the old hammocks be cut, and asked the New College Student Alliance (NCSA) if they could fund new ones. The funding effort was deferred to the Student Allocation Committee (SAC), and they approved funding for $180 for new hammock straps, padlocks, carabiners and cable loops. 

Associate Director of Student Spaces and Engagement Dawn Shongood approved the lock cutting, and also will have the keys to the new locks should the hammocks be replaced in the future.

In the past, Beck has initiated the Banyan Glow Up Project, which was crowd-funded due to the SAC being out of funds at the time. 

“The SAC is in a better place this time, and they funded it,” Beck said. 

Additionally, Beck explained that he learned that the original hammocks and the new one had all been purchased at the same time, “so the new hammocks were funded by the original allocation along with the replaced ones a long time ago.” 

“I don’t think many students know that you’re allowed to do stuff like this, but the SAC is here for all of us, so as long as you can make a case for the benefits and they have the money, they’ll most likely fund it,” Beck explained. “We live here, so I think we should contribute to our surroundings as much as we want. It’s got to be part of the difference between a lively NCF or a ghost town. The hurdles at this school can be frustrating, but if you want to see a change, go for it!” 

Beck explained that on Apr. 20, he got help from friends thesis student Gus Frank and Jack Sobel to place the new hammocks.

“The Nook holds great significance to student life, and the hammocks are one of its defining features,” Beck said. “They are among the most comfortable outdoor seating options on campus and people use them all the time. It was also such a New College problem to have brand-new hammocks in a closet for years while the old ones fell apart, locked up to a tree.” 

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