The New College Garage Sale
Garage Sale flyer. (Created by Beaux Delaune.)

The New College Garage Sale

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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic changed much about how students at New College live their everyday lives following quarantine. A lasting and notable difference is the absence of the once cherished “Free Store.” The “Free Store” was a perfect opportunity for students to reuse, reduce and recycle by donating old belongings that no longer served them, to their peers. The discontinuation was upsetting for many students, the “Free Store” was the place to go for say, a warm jacket, or just a sense of community. However, fret not, the Garage Sale is back and actively hosts and supports donors, artists and shoppers alike. 

The students of New College were quick to create solutions in the wake of the “Free Store” dismissal, and the redirection of the Garage Sale has brought about beautiful differences. While clothing donations are still accepted and appreciated, the Garage Sale now also provides a way for the creatives of New College to sell their masterpieces. As many know, money does not grow on trees, but it is necessary to keep New College traditions alive. Students that run events or clubs, such as student-run Center of the Universe Parties (COUPs), sell specialized merchandise in order to fundraise at Garage Sales to ensure that the festivities continue to thrive. In the past, sellers have offered anything from art, to previously loved clothing, to jewelry, all for the sake of bringing the students of New College together. 

When asked about their favorite find, former student and Garage Sale organizer Shawna Itakura explained that they love the handmade necklaces purchased from another student but they felt the most happy finding things they like in the free pile. Whether students are looking to just browse, get out of the dorms, or contribute to the free pile, there is a little something for everyone at the Garage Sale.

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