Student-run sports teams, clubs and other ways to get active on campus
The campus basketball court, right next to the volleyball court. Photo by Sophia Brown

Student-run sports teams, clubs and other ways to get active on campus

Sports may not be the reason many students choose to attend New College, yet there are still many ways to get active around campus. The Catalyst has compiled a list of student-run clubs that welcome members of all levels of experience, as well as a few lower commitment options that are occasionally available around campus.

Court Soccer was revived after the coronavirus pandemic hit New College by thesis students Tatiana Pillsbury and Adam Hassan, who meet for casual games of soccer every Thursday at 8 p.m. at the tennis court behind the Pei dormitories.

Pillsbury and Hassan have attempted to move the club to the baseball field—or “Rural America” as it is sometimes called—but due to ant hills, uneven ground and lack of lighting, the tennis court is currently the safest option for students.

“If funding could eliminate the ants, level out the ground, consistently mow the grass and get overhead lighting, then I don’t see why students couldn’t play out there,” Pillsbury said.

Court Soccer is set to continue next semester, with third-year Jesse Roman as the new club leader. The club has no plans to compete, as attendance can be “wishy-washy” according to Pillsbury, making it difficult to form a full team. Students of any level are encouraged to attend and no equipment is required other than close-toed shoes and water. 

“We try to encourage empowering culture at Court Soccer, where everyone gets a chance,” Pillsbury explained. “We cheer people on, clap for each other when someone scores, look out for each other if some trips or gets injured, pass the ball to each other to allow everyone a chance to play and play fun music.”

The Basketball Club also plans to continue meeting next semester, a club that also requires no prior experience or equipment other than sturdy shoes and water according to team founder and Catalyst Managing Editor Isaac Tellechea.  

“I’ll try to keep it going, even with all of the unknowns next semester,” Tellechea said. “Partly out of spite, but mostly out of love of the game and what it’s brought me and others over the course of the school year.”

Tellechea wants to make sure that there is still an all-inclusive and co-ed way that students can come out and play casual ball, even if official teams are set up by the school’s new Athletic Director & Head Baseball Coach Mariano Jimenez or other new hires focused on developing sporting programs at New College.

New College offers Fight Club, founded by thesis student Barbara “Babs” Monteiro, that is open to any student looking to work on their strength. Yoga sessions led by Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC) Postdoctoral Fellow and Psychologist Nick Gensmer are also available on campus Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. 

To find even more ways to get active, the New College Athletics page offers a list of all the clubs available on campus that involve getting active. 

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