Ringling thesis exhibition overview
Window art for the Ringing illustration thesis exhibition. Photo by Lucy Duke.

Ringling thesis exhibition overview

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As a senior at Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD), completing a senior thesis art project is the pinnacle of one’s academic journey—a culmination of years of artistic exploration, skill development and creative vision. With passion and dedication, students immerse themselves in their chosen medium, pushing the boundaries of traditional and contemporary art forms to produce innovative and thought-provoking works that reflect their unique perspectives and artistic voices.

From painting and sculpture to digital media and interactive installations, senior thesis projects at Ringling encompass a diverse range of artistic disciplines and thematic explorations. Guided by faculty mentors and peers, students embark on a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression, honing their technical skills, conceptual depth and personal aesthetic to create meaningful and impactful works of art.

Statue on the Ringling campus in front of the Richard and Barbara Basch Visual Arts Center. Photo by Lucy Duke.

With their opening reception on April 26, Ringling’s art students showcased their thesis projects much like New College’s own, Finding Vitality. The fine arts, graphic design, motion design and visual studies showcases featuring each graduating students’ work are available online to view.

For many seniors, the thesis project represents not only a culmination of their academic and artistic achievements but also a springboard into the professional art world. Through exhibitions, portfolio reviews and networking opportunities, students showcase their work to industry professionals, potential employers and fellow artists, laying the groundwork for future success and recognition in the competitive art market.

As they reflect on their journey as artists and scholars, seniors at Ringling embrace the challenges and triumphs of the thesis process, celebrating the culmination of their artistic growth and academic accomplishments. With their passion, creativity, and determination, they leave an indelible mark on the college community and the broader art world, inspiring future generations of artists to dream, create and innovate.

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