A look into the Spring 2024 Art Thesis Exhibition
Student admires Cindy Xin Zhang's work as she holds the thesis exhibition program. Photo by Gaby Batista.

A look into the Spring 2024 Art Thesis Exhibition

Historically, the Art program hosts an opening reception for their yearly, and occasionally semesterly, Art Thesis Exhibitions. This Spring, thesis students Annie Dong, Lianna McDonald and Cindy Xin Zhang showcase their work centering their Chinese identities. “Finding Vitality” consists of varying mediums, such as bookmaking, murals and traditional painting to exemplify themes of belonging, identity and history.

Dong, an experienced muralist, offered insight into the exhibition and its purpose. “I hope people that come into this exhibition feel welcomed into our culture, us finding home and welcoming them into our home,” she told a Catalyst reporter at the reception. “And enjoying the Chinese culture of course.”

The Catalyst offers the community a sneak peek into the exhibition with a photospread of the students’ work and the general ambiance of the well-attended event. Seeing the pieces is strongly encouraged as all three thesis students’ work will be available to view until May 10, Monday-Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

All photos were taken by Catalyst Editor in Chief Gaby Batista.

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