Recent demographic shifts in Sarasota
Sarasota's population has grown exponentially since 2020.

Recent demographic shifts in Sarasota

The 2020 census results have been released and Sarasota has experienced some notable demographic shifts in its population. Sarasota gained 54,558 new residents in the last decade, with Sarasota now boasting a total population of 434,006 residents. Sarasota has also become more diverse with several demographics noticeably increasing in the last decade. 

The Hispanic population of Sarasota has increased significantly with 13,203 new residents being recorded. Now making up 10% of Sarasota’s total population, the Hispanic population has increased to a total of 43,236 people.

The African American population of Sarasota also increased by 3,919 people to a total of 31,147 residents, though their share of the population has overall decreased due to the influx of new residents.

Similarly, the white population of Florida also increased, but their percentage of share of the total population decreased. In total, the white population of Sarasota increased by 27,722 people to a total of 349,700 people.

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  1. Bill Woodson

    As an urban studies major, as well as a local citizen, I’m always interested in shifting local demographics. I enjoyed this article. Its helpful to understand that while the City of Sarasota is the largest city in Sarasota County, we’re only part of the story. The population of the City of Sarasota totals just over 54,000, according to the 2020 US Census. Sarasota County also includes the towns of Venice, Osprey, North Port, Nokomis, Laurel, and Engelwood. Who knew!

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