Prime Air: Amazon’s drone service

Prime Air: Amazon’s drone service

Books, clothes, vitamins, car parts and even Flaming Hot Cheetos are just some of the things NCF students have ordered on Amazon. Imagine if these items could be packaged, shipped and delivered for use in less than 30 minutes. Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos recently revealed that Amazon is working on a drone delivery service called Prime Air that would entail unmanned aircrafts flying packages right up to customers doorsteps.

“We can do half-hour delivery,” Bezos told Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes. “I don’t want anybody to think this is just around the corner.”

“Putting Prime Air into commercial use will take some number of years as we advance the technology and wait for the necessary FAA rules and regulations,” the Amazon Prime Air Promotional page states.

Although the commercial use of drones was legalized in early 2012, Amazon would need to convince the Federal Aviation Administration that the drones would be safe and that there is a low risk for privacy-disrupting surveillance.

Bezos explained that the drones could carry as much as five pounds and could fly 10 miles from the delivery center, but warned that the logistics of regulation and safety would still need to be figured out before the service could be implemented.

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