Newly-formed Sex Ed Club gets off the ground
A graphic used by Itakura to advertise for the Sex Ed Club.

Newly-formed Sex Ed Club gets off the ground

On Apr. 6, the New College of Florida’s Sex Ed Club held its first meeting in the Gender and Diversity Center (GDC). The gathering was a little under ten students, sitting languidly while founder and second-year Shawna Itakura, an aspirant sexual educator themself, discussed their long-term goals and tentative officer plans.

Itakura has a long history of working with affinity groups, including founding the campus People of Color Union (POCU), but seems enthusiastic about working with an educational club. The club’s stated goals include educating students about sexually transmitted infections, the uses of and health impacts of birth control, porn literacy and self-managed abortions.

The nascent educational organization wants to reach out to students and improve their overall understanding of both the physical and emotional components of sexual health. As it stands, they’re looking to elect officers from their ranks and set up over the summer.

Itakura hopes to collaborate with the Resident Advisors (RA) to host future RA Loveline events, as well as set up an anonymous Instagram page where students can ask them questions.

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