New College to host its own Pride Event
A poster advertising New College Pride on May 12.

New College to host its own Pride Event

New College is set to host its own Pride event on May 12 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., which promises to be a vibrant and inclusive celebration of queer joy. The event is being organized by a group of 10 students who have been working to bring the community an opportunity to relax and be happy while celebrating their identities.

“We are being attacked for our identities that we can’t control,” third-year host Kacie Bates said. “We want to bring peace and support to our classmates and community—silliness and positivity is what a lot of students need right now.”

The event is being funded by donations from alumni, parents and community members, and will feature a range of activities—including a photo booth—and free food for students. The well-loved free pile, commonly featured at Garage Sales hosted on campus, will also make an appearance. Students and clubs have been invited to make their own activities or sign up as vendors. Live performances will take place by student bands and musicians such as The Chicken Machine, ASH and Sungrazer

The pride festival will be held on Z Green and in the Nook, weather permitting, with an alternative location being considered in case of a storm. The organizers hope that the event will be as accessible as possible. 

“We love New College and want to keep these traditions and culture alive,” Bates said. “This is an event that was fully student-led. We want students, especially first and second years, to know that if you want to do something on campus, you can do it with enough drive and motivation! We will protect our school and students.”

The organizers are excited to bring this event to the New College community and hope that it will be a source of joy, support and positivity for all who attend.

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