Student-led Garage Sale leads to COUP fundraising, community togetherness
Students not only used the Garage Sale to promote their wares, but as a chance to socialize and decompress following Hurricane Ian and the stressful reopening of campus. Photo taken by Brynn Halpern.

Student-led Garage Sale leads to COUP fundraising, community togetherness

The Garage Sale held on Oct. 8 in the Nook not only allowed students to support each other by purchasing discounted clothes, art, food and other goods from each other, but it ignited a sense of togetherness for New College students and allowed them to get more involved in the campus community. For the second semester in a row, second-year and Catalyst staff writer Gabriella “Gaby” Batista and third-year Kacie Bates hosted the event separate from any on-campus club or outside funding from the Student Allocations Committee (SAC) or the Student Activities and Campus Engagement (SAUCE) office. Their innovative event made for the perfect activity to get students’ minds off the recent hurricane. 

Vendors sold homemade items that highlighted their individual creativity: everything from handcrafted soap, jewelry, vintage clothing and art pieces helped fund and advertise students’ small businesses or earn money for specific clubs. 

“I earned about $80, while I know others earned up to $300 during those four hours,” Batista said.

Along with students getting recognition for their clubs, personal businesses and general talents, the Garage Sale also allowed students to pitch in for the upcoming Vampire Center of the Universe Party (COUP) on Oct. 29. Hosted this year by a collection of thesis students colloquially referred to as “Nick Beck and Friends,” the Vampire COUP table sold a variety of pins, buttons, posters and stickers in order to promote the upcoming event. Thesis student and COUP host Rocío Ramírez Castro confirmed that all proceeds will be used to fund the party. 

“This COUP received 50% less funding than usual because of larger budget cuts made to the NCSA by the school,” Ramírez Castro said. “This meant that we had to go double time and try to fundraise.”

Due to the budget cuts on campus resulting in monetary issues for the New College Student Alliance and student-run activities and events, it is important for students to be aware of ways they can help. 

“Students who would like to donate can do so @VampireCOUP on Venmo and GoFundMe,” thesis student and COUP host Nick Beck said. “We’re planning on selling some merch at some pop up shops the week we return from fall break.“ 

Even after Vampire COUP, there are ways to lend a hand, notably through a Clean-up Event happening the following day from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.. Free pizza and drinks will be provided in exchange for helping to straighten out campus.

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