Fire Marshal finds outside Dortstein furniture a fire hazard

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The exterior hallways of Dort and Goldstein residence halls appear sparse since they have been cleared of the usual couches, coffee tables, tapestries and hammocks.

The Fire Marshal regular inspection during Spring Break reported numerous violations across campus, including “Improper Storage” whereas “Dort and Goldstein need to have areas outside of dorm rooms cleared of all possible fire hazards” with a required compliance date or April 23, 2014. (File #: S-16-0141-0059, Building #3062, Inspection Type: High Hazard).

Dortstein residence were told they needed to remove the outside furniture or New College would face fines from the fire marshal.

After the furniture was removed Mark Stier, Associate Dean of Students Affairs, asked maintenance to pressure wash the building. “There was mold, cigarette stains, garbage that was ground into the sidewalk area and the side of the building,” Stier said. He wanted to give the students a “fresh, clean building.”

“I know that people in Dort and Goldstein love to hang out in front of their building and socialize and that’s exactly what we want on our campus,” Stier continued. “We just have to make sure that those locations meet the codes that are given to us by the state.”

The fire marshal put up a response that furniture is allowed outside of the dorms as long as it is meets fire safety codes.

Housing plans to purchase new furniture that will be designated for outdoor use for Dort, Goldstein and the Letter Dorms beginning in the fall. From the picture on Stier’s computer, the furniture will be blue circular tables with chairs.

“My goal is that by fall were going to repaint all the doors, pressure wash those areas and put new letter on that says Dort and Goldstein and have as many of those projects completed as possible,” Stier added. “So that when students come back it’s a brand new building for them.”  

Stier emphasized that if students have issues or questions for housing that they should feel free to stop by his office. “If my doors open it means I am available, I only close it if I’m in a meeting.”

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