Students share internship experiences

To follow up last week’s article about the new internship coordinator position, the Catalyst profiles student internships. Students say interning gives them real world experience, insights into their interests, thesis ideas and prepares them for their future careers. Second year Anna Rodriguez, an Anthropology AOC,…


Gap raises minimum wage among others

Something every liberal art’s student has nightmares about: working at a low end wage job. But we live in exciting times. The media has exploded the past couple of weeks with news of a major retailer, Gap Inc., announcing they are going to raise their…


Revitalizing the Gender and Diversity Center

Positive changes are in store for the Gender and Diversity Center. Last month, a group of students and professors organized an Independent Study Project (ISP) aimed at reviving the Gender and Diversity Center (GDC). Associate Professor of Sociology Sarah Hernandez and Professor of Anthropology Uzi…


From garbage to flowers: campus composts

Reduce waste, produce dirt and grow lovely plants. New College provides the best way for students to positively impact the environment while having fun! Why should I compost? According to the EPA, the benefits of composting include preventing pollution by diverting organic materials from landfills,…

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