Finance, registration and records made easy: Introducing the One-Stop Shop
The current location of the One-Stop Shop on the first floor of the Palmer D building.

Finance, registration and records made easy: Introducing the One-Stop Shop

Financial aid, registration and accessing transcripts can all be confusing or frustrating systems to navigate in any institution. At New College especially, with its unconventional administrative channels and small staff, these processes can cause students much grief. However, the recently-implemented One-Stop Shop on the first floor of the Palmer D Building aims to simplify and streamline these processes by combining Finance and Accounting, Financial Aid, Registration and Records offices into one location.

The One-Stop Shop was first announced on Jan. 26 by Vice President of Finance & Administration Chris Kinsley, and according to One-Stop Coordinator Jackie Bethune McNeil, its development and maintenance was selected by President Dr. Patricia Okker as one of the college’s primary focuses for the new year.

“The newly developed One-Stop Center’s Team will work directly with students and campus administration regarding matters of Financial Aid, Finance & Accounting and Registrar’s Offices regarding the interplay of student concerns while supporting a team-led customer service experience,” McNeil said in an email interview. ”The team is literally together in ‘one place’ to help students navigate their various business support needs so they can focus on their higher educational goals.”

Other members of the One-Stop Shop team include Coordinator of Accounting Julie Russo, Financial Aid Coordinator Anne Falk and Assistant Director of Records Alisa Lannon. McNeil’s position as One-Stop Coordinator specifically involves establishing “operating procedures, protocols, and controls of functional activities and services delivery among One-Stop Center Consortium Partners.”

“This position will be key in setting the tone for these offices and staff to be welcoming, efficient, and streamlined in their overlapping functions,” McNeil continued. 

Additionally, McNeil emphasized that the One-Stop Shop also offers services for students post-graduation, which includes acquiring transcripts.

While still new, the One-Stop Shop already has plans to rebrand under a new name, as announced by New College Student Alliance (NCSA) President and third-year Sofia Lombardi. The naming contest, announced on Feb. 3, allows any student to submit a potential name and will award the winner with a new iPad Pro. One runner-up will also receive a pair of AirPod Pros and one honorary mention will receive a 32” Smart Roku TV. Submissions are due on Feb. 16 and the winners and new name will be announced on Feb. 18.

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