Fall 2021 housing process made easy with instructional videos and one-on-one service
The upstairs interior of one of the Letter Dorms, as shown in the Housing Selection instructional video.

Fall 2021 housing process made easy with instructional videos and one-on-one service

Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs Mark Stier announced on Feb. 4 that, based on national COVID-19 vaccine deployment, New College administration was anticipating a return to “normal operations” by fall 2021. While several details are still up in the air, the Fall 2021 housing process—for which instructions were first released by Stier on Feb. 24—reflects this hope that resident halls and returning students may not need all of the same precautions that have been in place this academic year.

The initial email from Stier included a list of important dates, including the following:

March 12: Both on and off campus housing applications are due at noon, as well as living learning community applications. Additionally, off-campus housing applications and B Dorm applications will begin to be reviewed and prioritized.

March 17: Off-campus applicants, including off-campus approvals by the Office of Disability Services, will be notified of their fall 2021 status. Students who are wait-listed or denied will instead participate in the general room draw process and will be charged the standard double room rate and meal plan.

April 6: The wait list for room changes begins and late off-campus applications become available. Any students that haven’t applied for room selection at this point are assigned to either a Pei double or triple room by default and the standard meal plan.

In order to explain the housing and roommate selection process for fall 2021, Stier created two videos, walking the viewer through each process. After all, while the “normal” housing process is familiar to current second years, third years and thesis students, it is still brand new to current first years.

“I wanted to make this process as easy and transparent as possible,” Stier said.  “Students are already under stress due to COVID-19, academics and other personal issues.  I wanted students to have quick and successful interaction with the housing process.”

Furthermore, the housing office will be offering what Stier calls “one-on-one personal service” to any student that contacts him, similar to a service offered last year when the housing selection process was first adjusted in the wake of COVID-19.

“[Last year] I contacted each student and on a one-on-one basis and helped them select a room,” Stier said.  “I will do the same thing this year with each person.  I’ll reach out to the group leader for each group and help them select a room.  This way they do not have to worry about competing with everyone on one particular day to fight over a particular space.  Everything will be done based on seniority and group size.”

Stier urges anyone with additional questions to contact him at mstier@ncf.edu.

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