Clueing In On Regal’s Monday Mystery Movie
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Clueing In On Regal’s Monday Mystery Movie

There’s no such thing as swinging in cinema. Plotting a movie night is plodding, and there’s often very little wiggle room for a spur-of-the-moment love affair with a movie. Even in the streaming age, the convenience of having a library of content from the comfort of one’s couch is undercut by a minefield of promotional material ensuring that anonymity isn’t a relevant factor. Regardless, Regal Cinemas has taken the painstaking initiative to facilitate an entirely blind date for moviegoers on Mar. 20 with a film that hasn’t even been released yet.

Historically, Regal-owned movie theaters have run Monday Mystery Movie events in the past—most recently, the movie CHAMPIONS was aired on Feb. 28. To ensure a complete lack of spoilers or context aside from the film’s rating, each Monday Mystery Movie is the first showing of the film before its official release date.

Regal’s Monday Mystery Movie on Mar. 20 takes place at 7 p.m.—one night only—and the closest Regal theater to New College is on 1993 Main Street, approximately five miles from campus. Entry is $5 per person, and the mystery movie is rated PG-13.

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