Biodiversity PCP set for May 24th

As finals and graduation approach, students have started looking forward to the end of the year Palm Court Party (PCP). After a crowded race, students chose Biodiversity as the theme of this year’s graduation PCP. Second-year Rebecca Borrer and thesis-student Diana Watson are two of the dozen sponsors working on Biodiversity PCP.

“We wanted to do something that was inclusive and, hopefully, not as problematic as prior PCPs,” Watson said. “We wanted to appreciate everyone’s common origins, which is nature.”

The Biodiversity PCP sponsors have big plans for decorations.

“The Banyan tree will be decorated like the four seasons and Palm Court will be a rainforest,” Borrer said.

“The Black Box is going to be a desert and the old-mail room is going to have live music and a whale skeleton you can see inside,” Watson added.

The sponsors applied for funding this past Friday and will begin hosting a series of events to prepare decorations.

There are lots of people working together to make it happen, so it’ll be great,” Borrer said.

As for the food, the Biodiversity sponsors are planning to offer students an array of vegan and gluten-free snacks during the event as well as host of surprises.

“All of the sponsors are putting together surprises to hand out throughout the night,” Borrer said.

Posters with the official Biodiversity PCP logo as well as t-shirts will go on sale prior to the event.

All students who are interested in assisting with PCP preparations and decorations should contact the event’s sponsors. Biodiversity PCP will be held on May 24.

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