57 faculty and staff positions replaced or vacated this semester alone
The hope of the EPC is that these recent changes will reduce anxiety for new, incoming students and by having them cement their class schedules earlier in the semester.

57 faculty and staff positions replaced or vacated this semester alone

One of the most nontraditional features of New College—an institution which prides itself on being unique—is the small student-to-faculty and administration ratio. This allows for smaller classes, giving students the opportunity to connect with their professors beyond what a traditional lecture hall might offer. It also means that New College students generally have an easier time contacting administration if the need arises. However, New College is also notorious for going through faculty and staff with surprising quickness, occasionally going undetected for a time. As if the welcoming of a new president has ushered in an era of greater faculty and administrative changes, the fall 2021 semester in particular has seen a series of new hires, replacements and vacancies.

Interim Assistant Vice President of Human Resources (HR) Kristie Harris disclosed that a total of 57 positions have changed hands this semester. The timeline of these turnovers spans from Aug. 8 to Nov. 3.

28 of these alterations occurred among faculty, which includes assistant professors, adjunct faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows. Six faculty positions were vacated over the semester—three in the Social Sciences, two in Humanities and one in Natural Sciences—but in turn, 22 new hires have been brought in. Six of the filled positions have been professors in the Humanities, two professors in Natural Sciences, two professors in Social Sciences, one in Environmental Studies and one in Data Sciences. The remaining filled faculty positions have been various Postdoctoral Fellows and adjunct faculty.

23 alterations have occurred within administrative positions. These positions range spectacularly, including Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finances and Admissions and Registration. 10 administrative employees left New College this semester, and 13 new hires were brought in. Four of these new hires were replacing former employees.. 

Additionally, six of the total turnovers this semester include miscellaneous staff and employee positions, including custodial workers, groundskeepers, postal managers, recreation coordinators and positions within the Jane Bancroft Cook Library. Four positions were vacated, one of which was replaced, and two additional new hires were welcomed this semester.

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