WRC, QEP get new Assistant Director

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Natalie Catasús (‘07) is the new Assistant Director of the Writing Resource Center (WRC). She is responsible for the WRC website, the training and hiring of Student Writing Assistants (SWA) and informative presentations on the WRC and writing processes. In her last two years at New College, Catasús was a SWA and therefore knows the program and what sort of leadership it requires quite well.

Catasús is also the new Assistant Director for the New College of Florida Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). QEP is a program that strives to enhance students’ educational experiences and assess problems in the academic process by tailoring to the needs of the individual student. The program includes classes developed for first- and second-year students who need help cultivating their writing and research skills in order to be better prepared for essays, papers and theses.  Catasús holds in-class workshops that provide students with the tools they need to write a college-level paper.

“The QEP courses are writing intensive, and are an excellent way to develop the writing and research skills that all students will need when they write their theses,” Catasús explained.

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