WRC offers help during crunch time

WRC offers help during crunch time

It is typical for students to be stressed by the prospect of writing a thesis, but there are several resources that are there to help.
Photo credits: Jacob Wentz/Catalyst

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) is designed to help students with their assignments as well as their writing habits and skills throughout the academic year.  Thesis students can find a quiet and helpful environment in the WRC along with events geared toward the thesising process. 

One such event is Thesis Crunch.  Student Writing Assistant (SWA) Caroline Newberg described Thesis Crunch as, “[An event that] helps give thesis students the extra push to finish their thesis project in the spring semester when they might be burning out.”  

This is usually held over many sessions in the spring semester and it is designed to provide a calm atmosphere where thesis students can focus on their theses.  Thesis Crunch is usually held at night and provides attendees with crunchy snacks. The event aims to offer a supportive and productive atmosphere for students.

During the Independent Study Period (ISP), the WRC offers Thesis Boot Camp, which encourages thesis students to come in daily to work on their projects.

Closer to the end of the year, the WRC offers practice baccalaureate presentations.  During these practice presentations, thesis students can work on their delivery and receive feedback.

Aside from organized events, the WRC also encourages thesis students to attend recurring appointments with a SWA.  Appointments with SWAs can be made online at ncf.mywconline.com or through the official New College website.

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