Woodstock Wall 2014

Woodstock Wall 2014

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Eager to enjoy the nice weather and funky jams, students laid out their blankets near the Nook on April 19 to be thrown back to the 1960s for the annual Woodstock event. Running from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., the homage to the “summer of love” hosted 11 live musical performances, as well as free food and a bounce house. After a 12-hour run, Woodstock transitioned into Funk Wall, which went on until midnight.

“It was actually a relatively sober event,” third-year Robert Ward said. “In all likelihood, it was probably because 4/20 was the next day.”

Woodstock was funded through the Student Allocations Committee for a total of $245 to cover the cost of food, as most of the bands were comprised of current students and alums.

“[Physical Plant] is everybody’s favorite band,” Ward said in response to another student. “But I really wanted to see Nat Langston play. That man knows how to play guitar.”

Woodstock also served as the backdrop to the first ever Hunger Games, where students from certain “districts” competed for grocery money. In the midst of the funky jams that played well into the night, students armed with water balloons stalked around the Nook area, hoping to get a kill.

There has been no word yet whether or not Woodstock will happen again next year, but the impressive turnout suggests that it has become a New College staple.

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