Which NFL team will be relocated to Los Angeles?

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With the second-biggest television market in the U.S. – only behind New York City – reestablishing a team in Los Angeles has been a goal for the National Football League for years now. As the football season heads into its 10th week, three teams are continuing their legal and financial maneuvering to attempt a relocation to LA when the season ends: the St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.

The owners of the Rams and Chargers have each created their own plans for the construction of stadiums on their own property in LA, and there has even been talk of a partnership between the Chargers and the Raiders – like the partnership between the Jets and Giants in New York. The Rams hold what might be the most significant bid for relocation to the city, with their history as the Los Angeles Rams from 1946-1994 and the first major sports team in the state. Despite the Rams’ rich history in LA, some St. Louis fans feel like the team has become their own.

“I do feel it’s become a St. Louis team,” first-year State College of Florida student Matt Lansdowne said. “It’s been 20 years since they’ve been in LA and St. Louis is where they won the franchise’s only Super Bowl.”

While the league and many of its owners are clamoring over the possibility of a team or two basking in the massive market that is LA, many of the city’s residents are opposed to the relocation of an NFL team to the city. Plans for stadiums in LA do not involve taxpayer money, but the plans are not set in stone and many of the city’s residents fear having to pay for the construction of a stadium for a team which many feel disinterested in.

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