We Serve You Dinner

We Serve You 1
Third year and NCSA President Cassie Corrado serves the dishes that she and the NCSA worked hard on to feed hungry NCF students.

Hamilton “Ham” Center was  transformed into a venue worthy of  more than a couple stars at the New  College Student Alliance (NCSA) We  Serve You (WSY) Dinner last Sunday  night. The Tiffany blue and white decor  was perfectly complimented by the  pastel floral arrangements. Students,  faculty members and administrators  enjoyed the smooth jazz stylings of the  New College New Cats, while indulging in scrumptious brunch food.

The 160 people who sent in their  RSVP two months prior arrived at the  semi-formal event looking lovely anddapper.

NCSA members served attendees  delicious dishes such as quiche Lorraine, bacon, vegetarian spring  veggie quiche, hash-browns and vegan French toast.

“It’s really nice to see students  come out and support the NCSA,”  first-year and first-year representative  in the Student Allocations Committee  (SAC) Paige Pellaton said. “It’s great  to see the awareness of what student  government does increase.”

Although the WSY dinner turned out to be an enjoyable evening of food,  friends and fun, a lot of planning and  hard work went into the making of  this event.

“If you see a NCSA member who  looks like they are probably covered  in 20 tons of bacon grease thank  them,” third-year and NCSA president  Cassandra Corrado said. “They spent  22 hours cooking for this dinner.”

Prepping for the WSY dinner  began at six the night before, and  there was much whisking, baking and frying. Due to all the onions that were  cut, there were even a few tears.

Corrado explained that the SAC  allocated close to $800 for the dinner  and about $400 dollars came from her  discretionary. Most of the ingredients were bought at Sam’s Club.

“The dinner went the most  smoothly it ever has,” Corrado said.  “We were done cooking well in advance  and the cooks didn’t have to rush.”

Corrado said that the challenging  part of planning the WSY dinner was  contacting more than 50 students to  volunteer, but in the end, there were  no major hurdles.

“We also had a lot of leftover  food, which is a first,” Corrado said. “Last year a lot of people didn’t get food.”

The WSY dinner gave students,  faculty members and administrators an excuse to get dressed up, relax and  socialize with one another.

“[The WSY dinner] was a good  distraction from my homework,” first-year Kayla Evens said.

It was also an opportunity for the guests to share their opinions with the  NCSA. At the end of the night, all were invited to write suggestions for the  NCSA on the back of the event cards  located at their tables.

“I enjoyed listening to the music  and hanging out with my friends,”  second-year Allaire Cutshall said. “This  was a pretty delicious brunch.”

We Serve You 2
Second-year Lara Grauerholz-Fisher and thesis student Becca Wucker share a laugh at the WSY dinner.
Corrado used dried lentils as weights so her crust came out bubble-free.
Students, faculty members, and administrators alike noted the charm the flowers and candles added to the tables.
First-year and Vice-President of Relations and Affairs Carlos Santos serves a cinnamon spiced tea to a thirsty guest.

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