Wall previews – Pool Party Wall and Innocent Wall

Friday, Sept. 18 Pool Party Wall

Pool Party Wall will be hosted by thesis students Garret Murto and Zachary Poe.

Pool Party Wall began two years ago as Zack’s inspiration to expand the use of all of New College’s facilities for entertainment and fun by hosting a Wall at the Fitness Center Pool,” Murto said. “This will be the third year that this Wall has been hosted and Zack and I are hoping that it will continue even after our graduation.”

Wall-goers can expect an open-grill with vegetarian options and “banging” music.

The event will be substance-free and no open containers will be allowed.

Saturday, Sept. 19 Innocent Wall

Innocent Wall will be hosted by thesis students Nasib McIntosh and Alejandro Rosado.

I was inspired by the music of Black Kray aka Gucci Kray la Goth,” McIntosh said. “In his work we perceived an absolute quality which can be captured by the word ‘innocent.’ We will be as children; honest to our desires both creative and destructive. The Wall will be a throwback to an era of simplicity as well as a beacon pointing the way towards new horizons and conceptions of love, humanity and harmony. Never forget 1999 to 2005, the glory days. The struggle for reparations and justice for the horrors of slavery, colonialism and imperialism continues. How will you free yourself from the chains?”

Wall attendees, who have been promised “thug ballads” all night long, should congregate in Palm Court.

“Be prepared to plumb the deepest depths of your soul for that thing that you lost touch with long ago but have always yearned to rediscover,” McIntosh continued. “Shine on; avast, shine on!”


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