Wall previews – October 30 and 31

Friday, Oct. 30 Dad Wall

Dad Wall will be hosted by thesis student Neal Lacey.

The Wall was previously planned to be Pre-CP, as it was scheduled to take place the night before an event formerly known as Palm Court Party (PCP). The campus-wide event, now known as Center of the Universe Party (COUP), will take place the weekend after.

“Dad Wall is inspired by all the Dad music we hear each and every day and our secret love of it,” Lacey said. “You should expect hip Dad music, cargo pants, crocs and baseball caps.”

The Wall will take place in Palm Court.

Saturday, Oct. 31 Walloween Wall

Walloween Wall is hosted by thesis student Stefan Drakulich.

The Wall, which will be held in Palm Court, will take place on the day traditionally reserved for Center of the Universe Party (COUP). However, due to the COUP being scheduled for next week, Walloween Wall is the alternative.

“It’s Halloween and I like rap and hip hop,” Drakulich said. “So the theme is dress up, listen to my music.”
Drakulich plans on posting a thread on the [Forum] with the tentative playlist for the event.

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