Wall Previews – October 23 and 24

Friday, Oct. 23-Corn Wall

Corn Wall will be hosted by second-years Zoe Heuermann, Zach David and Nathaniel McPherson-Vitkus.

“I just bought a plate from Goodwill in the shape of corn and me and Zoe were trying to figure out what Wall to throw,” David said. “And we were like ‘Let’s throw Corn Wall’ because there was also a previous inside joke between the two of us about corn.”

The Wall hosts promise that there will be corn-themed decorations and good throwback tunes. Additionally, there will be a grill on Z-green prior to the Wall so attendees can enjoy some delicious grilled corn.

Saturday, Oct. 24-Doomtree Wall

Doomtreee Wall will be hosted by thesis students Maggie Quitter and Shelby Hartwell.

“We actually changed the theme of the Wall to Doomtree which is a recording label in Minneapolis,” Quitter said. “We thought it would provide an opportunity to play music that’s not normally played. We’ll be playing music produced by this recording company.”

Attendees should expect to hear music from artists such as dessa and pos. Food and decorations for the Wall, which will be held in Palm Court, have yet to be decided.

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