Wall Previews, Friday October 2 and Saturday October 3

Friday, Oct. 2 – Them Again Wall’d

Them Again Wall’d will take place in Palm Court and will be hosted by second-years

Becca Caccavo, Sadé Holmes, Briana Nieves and Rory Sharp.

“There’s been a huge contest over what New College culture is and a lot of that has been

pushed by the administration,” Caccavo said. “This Wall is being thrown in celebration of what

New College culture always has been and will be all about: the amazing students!”

Wall attendees can expect to get down to a myriad of music ranging from trap to

throwback tunes. The suggested dress code involves glitter, wigs and bright colors. The Wall

will also have candy, balloons, streamers and other decorations as well as the New College

Experience movie projected on one of the walls.


Saturday, Oct. 3-Slumber Party Wall

Slumber Party Wall will take place in the Nook and will be hosted by thesis students Sara

Sarmiento and Sophia Schultz.

“Our parents are out of town and we’re ready to wild out unsupervised,” Sarmiento said.

“People can expect bubbles and feathers and fuzzy pillows and probably Spice Girls.”

The Wall will take on a tasteful 2002 vibe and will feature music from iconic artists such as

Britney Spears and JoJo.

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