Wall Previews – Friday 11/20/15 and Saturday 11/21/15

Friday, Nov 20th-Awful Wall

Awful Wall is hosted by thesis student Nasib McIntosh and third-year Maximilian Mermell.

“Don’t expect a good time,” McIntosh said.

The Wall will be hosted in the Nook and is inspired by “father rip off wall.”

Saturday, Nov 21st- Twisty Wall

Twisty Wall will be hosted by thesis student Kana Hummel.

“It’s what you expect from a Wall but with a twist,” Hummel said. “I plan to provide an alternative activity to play with during the night so everyone can have fun dancing, engaging in conversations, or playing Twister.”

The Wall will be held in the Nook where attendees are only told to expect Twister.

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