Wall previews: 9/9/16 & 9/10/16

Wall previews: 9/9/16 & 9/10/16

Photo courtesy of the NCSA Archives

Photo courtesy of the NCSA Archives
Photo courtesy of the NCSA Archives

Friday, September 9th: Burn It To The Ground Wall

This wall will be thrown by former NCSA co-presidents and current thesis students Shelby Statham and Paige Pellaton.

The festivities for this wall begin at 9pm with a fire pit and food. Then, at 10pm the wall itself will begin. A selection of fire-themed music such as “Hot in Herre” by Nelly and “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee will be played.

Statham says that there are three guidelines for participating in this wall: “1. Wear red!

2. Read the Medical Amnesty Clause
3. Consent is mandatory!!!”

The Facebook page for the event describes the wall as “2 ex-presidents, 1 fire pit, 0 fucks.”

Saturday, September 10th: Not Your RA Wall

Thesis student Olivia Talton is hosting this wall, which serves to highlight the fact that after two years, Talton is no longer a Resident Advisor (RA). However, the wall is intended to be a reminder for everyone to appreciate their RAs.

Talton reports that this will be a classic “really fun wall with really fun music” and that alum Anna Rodriguez is assisting in the formation of the playlist and throwing the wall itself.

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