Wall previews: 9/23/16 & 9/24/16

Wall previews: 9/23/16 & 9/24/16

Photo courtesy of the NCSA Archives
Photo courtesy of the NCSA Archives

Friday, September 23rd: Throwback Wall Pt. 2: Redemption

This Wall is being thrown by third-years Lorraine Cruz, Zach David and Giulia Heyward.

David said in an interview via email that “Throwback Wall is a nod to the music we got down to at every middle school dance. We’ll be playing every throwback that’ll make you just as embarrassed as you are excited to dance to.”

This wall is the second version of Throwback Wall, the first of which occurred last year. This year, there will be pizza at the beginning.

“Come out this friday to nostalgically dance and sing along to all the 2000’s music you’re embarrassed you listened to,” said David.

Saturday, September 24th: VisuaWall

The basic premise of this wall, which will begin at 10pm in Palm Court on Saturday, is that videos and lights will be synced to music. Second-years Carly Richardson and Bryce Gall are sponsoring. Gall states that the goal of the Wall is to “overwhelm the senses.”

“I want amazing videos, bright lights, loud music, crazy beats, and great drops. My partner and I also want to cover a wide range of music at the wall: so far we’ve got videos from Justin Bieber, Dillon Francis, G-Dragon, Gwen Stefani, but we’re still looking,” Gall said via email.

“The main point is this: we want to make a space for people to step inside the music video, play around in it, then wake up the next morning and have a better appreciation for the artists (and for art). Also we want really cool lights.”

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