Timesheet switch from paper to electronic

The Office of Human Resources is in the process of switching from paper to electronic time-sheets. In an interview with the Catalyst, Associate Director of Human Resources YeVette Thorton said, “We in HR were processing easy 300 time sheets manually. That’s a lot of work for such small office. It’s a step up from where we’re coming from definitely.”

The plan to implement web-time entry began about two years ago and recently reached the fast track in Dec. 2010. “There have been minor problems with the system but Florida Gulf Coast University is also using the system so we can call down there with issue questions,” Thorton said. “We have been able to respond any issue fairly quickly. Change is always hard with people. There’s hasn’t been any push back, but there have been some comments about going into the system every day.”

Staff members who are being switched over include employees who are hourly but qualify for overtime, student workers and temporary employees. So far there have been nine training sessions for employees and eight training sessions for supervisors. “You don’t even have to be on campus to submit your hours,” Thorton said. “I’m excited about it. I’m thrilled about it. I hope I’m spreading the word and others are feeling the energy that this is going to be great. But it’s going to be rough in the beginning because this is new and it going to take some getting used to.”

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