The pool has a new look after completed renovation
Campus spaces have been marked by changes such as masking and social distancing signs throughout the year.

The pool has a new look after completed renovation

The fitness center’s pool has a brand new look after its renovation was completed in Spring 2020. Construction finished up in early April and the total cost of the project, paid with the Capital Improvement Trust Fund (CITF), was around $200,000. The renovation should last around ten to fifteen years, depending on how the materials withstand the test of time. While the pool is typically a good place for social gatherings, it is still bound to the same COVID regulations as other campus spaces. Despite these limitations, Director of Fitness and Recreation Colin Jordan said he hopes students will be able to enjoy the new pool.

“Normally, when first years are coming in, I noticed August and September, you’ll see a lot of first years out there at the pool,” Jordan said in an interview. “That’s typical, they’re kind of out there and exploring. I haven’t seen as much of that and I think that’s just because of the number of people on campus right now. That and people are isolating somewhat. People are using it every day, which is great.”

Along with the pool, New College Student Alliance (NCSA) President Steven Keshishian approved use of CITF funds to purchase new outdoor pool furniture  and a new pool table in Hamilton “Ham” Center last spring. Recently, funds have also been used to purchase more picnic tables outside of Ham to allow a greater amount of students to practice social distancing by eating outside. 

Masks are required at the pool and can only be taken off when swimming laps, but a maximum of six people can swim laps at a time. Groups larger than 10 people are not allowed. Only two people at a time are allowed in the hot tub. Commonly used surfaces like lounge chairs and handrails are disinfected daily. 

“We’d love to see more students come out there,” Jordan said. “So, hopefully, we’ll be engaging with everybody with remote content and maybe some activities as well with the COVID restrictions and just seeing people come out and enjoy the new pool.”

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