The Holy Trinity of Delivery to New College

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Photo credit: Ryan Paice
A quart of egg drop soup, a carton of rice, and two delivery platters from China King.

With limited weekend hours at Hamilton “Ham” Center, New College students must often venture outside of the provided food services. Luckily for those students who have the time and transportation, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from along US-41, University and downtown. For those who might lack the aforementioned attributes, there are several delicious and surprisingly affordable restaurants that offer delivery service to New College.

While there are not as many delivery options are there are local restaurants, the few restaurants available to order from can provide just about anything a hungry student could wish for. Although most of the options are restricted to Asian food and pizza places, these restaurants are all varied and unique from one another, and a delicious meal is within an hour away.

Chinese food delivery is an essential delivery option to have, and fortunately for New College students, China King delivers with huge portions of affordable Chinese food. Interestingly, the most impressive meal from China King was their fried chicken wings. Beautifully cooked and breaded, it would give any WingHouse a run for their money. In addition to scrumptious lo mein, fried wontons and soups, China King offers a vast array of other items to devour. Their moo shu pork was not particularly impressive, nor was their duck sauce. It might be silly to include this, but the fortune cookies were oddly unsatisfying as well. However, China King offers huge portions of quality Chinese food for a really reasonable bill.

Outside of China King, the Sarasota area does not offer much in the way of delivery to New College that is not a pizza restaurant. Luckily, there is a huge variety of pizza restaurants, each with their own distinctive feel.

If one were to be a fan of the generic chain-style pizza, Pizza Hut (941-753-2222) and Papa John’s (941-952-9966) are available to order from at any time, and can offer attractive deals. However, when this reporter attempted to place an order with Pizza Hut, there were several complications with the order, and the estimated delivery time was a ridiculous four hours. Whereas with Papa John’s the pizza was delivered just within 45 minutes.

If one were looking for a unique kind of pizza to order, Joey D’s Chicago Style Eatery & Pizzeria (941-364-9900) offers Chicago-style deep-dish pizza that is sensational. A pizza from Joey D’s might not be quite as affordable as one of the chain pizza restaurants that could offer you some deal or other, but it came in a little over 30 minutes and the quality was noticeably better. It is also pretty difficult to walk away from eating a deep dish pizza without being stuffed. Second-year student Mika Lorenzo called it the best pizza he had ever eaten. Other than pizza, however, Joey D’s has little else to offer.

The last pizza restaurant just so happens to be one of the best delivery places a college student could wish for, and that is Eleni’s Pizza Works (941-758-8700). Their food is much more natural and fresh than all of the other delivery food available to order, and the French fries were “very crispy but also very wholesome,” second-year Hunter Osking said. “Like Sunny’s fries, but with more seasoning.” The 5-inch pizza was loaded with fresh ingredients, and was both filling and delectable for an unbelievable $4.29. The salad and soup were decent, and the bread that came with the order was great. Eleni’s is a small and little-known place, with food made from beautifully fresh ingredients and for prices that are simply astounding.

Out of everything, Eleni’s Pizza Works was the most impressive delivery option available for New College students. With the wholesome food, handsome prices and decent variety, Eleni’s is really everything a college student could wish for. If Eleni’s might not have what you are looking for, China King and Joey D’s are also great options for delivery.

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