The Fighting Armadillos claw their way to a win

Flags flew at the Ringling College of Art and Design versus New College of Florida football game on April 7. The Ringling “Fighting Armadillos” pulled off a 10-6 win over the NCF “Empty Sets.” The game-play was fierce, and although it was 80 degrees, neither team lacked intensity. The game was held to benefit the Visible Men’s Academy charter school and overall the rival teams raised $780.00.

The teams, led by fourth-years Mike Long of NCF and Hunter Thompson of Ringling, both had a slow start, but after the second half Ringling was able to hold NCF back and cinch the win.

“I think we really brought it this year and it was great to not lose,” Ringling College second-year Derrek Gunnells said. “It’s cool that Hunter [Thompson’s] last game of his career turned out really well.”

Despite the fact that NCF had more players, they were not able to convert the advantage into more points.

“I would like to see the girls on the team play a little more,” second-year Kim Napoline said. “That was a little disappointing.”

“We could have had better communication and teamwork,” third-year and player Batya Levy said. “I was surprised at the outcome, but it was still a lot of fun.”

Despite a hard loss for NCF, both schools enjoyed football spirit during and after the game.

Ringling and New College students were all smiles as they tossed water balloons at half-time, jumped in the bounce house, drank free beer and watched New College president, Donal O’Shea, get slimed by Ringling.

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