The Cats and Dogs of Campus
Bean, who lives with thesis student Hannah Nations, gets up close and personal during this photoshoot.

The Cats and Dogs of Campus

As the semester comes to a close, come check out the Catalyst’s end-of-the-year feature on the many cats and dogs that live with their caretakers on campus. These are service or emotional support animals (ESAs) allowed to reside with their owners due to the medical or emotional assistance they provide. They’re also incredibly photogenic!

All photos shown are courtesy of Nic Steinig (except for photos of Martin, which are courtesy of his human roommate).

“Ari is a cat whose New College-sona is that she is a disparagingly heterosexual, Marxist-Leninist Computer science AOC who vapes. Otherwise, she is very sweet and enjoys looking out the window, going on little walks on the porch, and delivering psychic damage with her piercing glare.”

Lives with third-year Corinna Carroll.

DOVER is a medical alert and mobility service dog trained by Paws4People.

Lives with second-year Dakota Cohen.

Scotty was named after Montgomery Scott from Star Trek because he was super anxious when first adopted, like Scotty who always doubts Captain Kirks’s crazy space plans. Scotty absolutely loves being a dorm cat, and seeing all the people has really helped him come out of his shell. Now when he’s in the mood, Scotty will ask for pets from anyone in the room.

Lives with first-year Carlos Robbins

Tassi Seals-Jones Weier is a high energy, uberloving, face-licking, little queen bee. This dog knows how to get her way. She always claims her thrown and finds the comfiest spot. She’s a 4-year-old German Shorthair pointed / Springer Spaniel Mutt.

Lives with third-year London Weier

According to his Instagram, Bean is the cutest and sweetest Pitt Bull / Corgi in the world.

Lives with thesis student Hannah Nations

Milo likes pets, laying on people and purring really hard. He’s five years old and has no teeth! He lets anyone pet him, and he enjoys looking out the window.

Lives with first-year Cole Kinsley

Fiction is a 65 lb malamute mix full of fluff and goofery. He’s wicked smart and loves a good romp.

Lives with third-year and Catalyst staff writer Nic Steinig

Lily is a little rat dog full of spunk and love.

Lives with third-year KP Powell

Martin loves to stare at walls and eat bugs. He’s awesome. His owner has had him for seven years now and sometimes takes him to campus to show him stuff. He hates the bayfront for some reason.

Lives with thesis student Maya Mernstrom

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