Tabletop Game Night takes charge on Wednesdays at the library
The library hosts a wide variety of tabletop games available for students to rent.

Tabletop Game Night takes charge on Wednesdays at the library

Board games, card games and those who love games gather at the Jane Bancroft Cook Library every Wednesday for Tabletop Game Night. From 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., students gather around tables and play whatever games they so desire. Tabletop Game Night is run by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Rebecca Black, who has a love for all types of tabletop games which she wants to actively share with college life. 

“I’m a board/card game enthusiast with adult money and, subsequently, have way too many board/card games at home,” Black explained. “Before COVID times—it seems so long ago—I was involved with starting New College Happy Hour; these were weekly events to just socialize and share some food and drinks with faculty, students, and staff across campus.”

Black started this event in an effort to revive social events after the isolation brought by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I started the Tabletop Game Nights with similar motivations about a month before Spring Break as a way to pepper some more fun into my week and to bring students, faculty and staff together,” Black recalled. “I’ve had the chance to meet new students and some have become regulars! I’d love to see more folks from across campus stop by to learn and play new games.”

No experience with any board or card game is required to join this event. Not only does Tabletop Game Night play games from Black’s collection, library games are played often as well. Students are free to bring their favorite games in too!

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