SYSH: The Ultimate Quarantine Workout

SYSH: The Ultimate Quarantine Workout

It can be hard to be motivated to stay moving, even in the restlessness of quarantine. This week’s Songs You Should Hear, however, might be helpful in that vein, so throw on some headphones and get lost in the upbeat tempos of this playlist.

“I Want to Break Free” by Queen

To start your blood pumping, there is no greater song than Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.” The catharsis brought by Freddie Mercury’s guttural vocals is enough to release the frustration of being cooped-up in the pandemic. This song is the perfect pace for some warm-up jumping jacks or a light jog. 

The music video for “I Want to Break Free” featured the whole band in drag

“Over Yet” by Hayley Williams

This next track is the perfect song to ease you into your workout as Williams urges you to push through the resistance and embrace persistence. The faux 80s synth pop sound is reminiscent of group workout classes and really puts the listener into the headspace to get moving. The chorus cheers you on with the lines, “It’s the right time to come alive / Baby, if you wanna try / To get out of your head, yes, break a sweat / Baby, tell yourself it ain’t over yet.”

“Crazy in Love” by Beyonce

Now that you have worked up a little bit of a sweat, you can start to move into the more rigorous portion of your workout with Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” The trumpets in this triumphant tune are reminiscent of the iconic exercise montage in the Rocky movies, which opens up a whole new world of persistence and excitement mid-workout. 

Beyonce performed “Crazy in Love” in 2013 for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

“Outta My Mind” by Doll Skin

Changing the tone a bit, now is the time to work through any pent-up aggression with the pop-punk track “Outta My Mind” from Doll Skin. Lead singer Sydney Dolezal seems not to have limitations on her vocal range, she leads into the chorus with the line, “I’m saving myself this time,” as a driving battle cry that will rally even the farthest of troops.  

Doll Skin formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2013.

“Labyrinthian” by Misery Signals

Metalcore band from Wisconsin Misery Signals leads into the final push with their anthem “Labyrinthian.” The sonic influx of guitars and drums provides the perfect backdrop for your final lap because it is go time. This song will give you the strength to move mountains.

Misery Signals formed in Wisconsin in 2002.

“Levitating” by Dua Lipa

This newer pop song from Dua Lipa brings the energy to an easily metabolized level from the previous track and provides the perfect cool-down with the feel-good beat and fun lyrics. This last track is great for a post-workout stretch or better yet it allows you to dance it out. Come back down to earth with this celestial number.

Dua Lipa and DaBaby are seen dancing in an art-deco-style elevator in the music video for “Levitating.”

This playlist is available on Spotify.

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