SYSH: Stages of love
Flower-themed collage of all album covers with mentioned songs in the track list. Image by Naomi Nerlien.

SYSH: Stages of love

Spring brings the blossoming of flowers and new feelings. Whether you’re still working up the courage to say “Hi” to your hallway crush or waiting for your knight in shining armor, these relatable songs will take you through all the stages of love.

Screenshot of the Mad at Disney album cover.

Mad at Disney Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson ft. Davis Simmons Jr.

Mad at Disney is originally by Salem Ilese. In this rendition, Anderson adds her own jazzy twist. An instrumental ensemble consisting of drums, piano, an upright bass, a tenor saxophone and a trombone back-up two blending vocalists giving the listener a 1940s swing experience. Anderson also tweaks a line in the opening verse “But now I’m twenty-something” into “But now I’m thirty-something” which not only reflects her own age, but shows that adults of many ages feel the pain of not finding love by a certain time.

Screenshot of the Sukidakara album cover.

Sukidakara by UMI

In this laid-back Japanese pop song, the singer explores the feelings of a crush. The title translates to “Because I love you,” which is significant because it isn’t usual in Japanese culture to publicly express romantic feelings, so this is one way to communicate it. Many can relate to being stuck between confessing emotions to that special person and risking destroying the current relationship. The singer doesn’t make a decision by the end, but instead continues her silent internal struggle.

Screenshot of the Sundress album cover.

Sundress by Zoo Culture

Arguably one of the most timeless summer songs made in the last decade, Zoo Culture managed to create a nostalgic feel to a cheerful soft rock beat. This track specifically was a huge hit for the group, quickly hitting one million streams. In an interview with Jones Willingham, the band spoke about how the song started as a joke but was met with overwhelming positive feedback. It goes to show that sometimes the best things come after letting go and just having fun.

Screenshot of the Prollems album cover.

Prollems by Jay Deru ft. V.I.

On his newest album “21st Floor,” the Haitian rapper from Golden Gate lays out his battered heart to a moderately paced beat. The song is in the key of F-sharp with minor influence. The tune isn’t entirely sad, but listeners may feel melancholy after hearing the lyrics. This song is for those realizing that their past continues to impact their present and consequently the future if they don’t do the work to heal themselves.

Screenshot of the Over U album cover.

Over U by Booqoo

The New Orleans-born artist blew up on YouTube and Instagram over the pandemic for her weight loss transformation. Though still into fitness, she has since turned her attention to her music. In this piece, she trades her usual sensual lyrics and New Orleans bounce style for a simple beat where the narrator finally accepts the end of a relationship. Blast this song at 3 p.m. on a commute, adding expletives as necessary, or quietly at 3 a.m. letting the tears flow freely. The summer is the perfect time to refresh, restart or begin the often overlooked self-love journey we everyone deserves. 

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