Swim club is back: at a distance

Anyone swimming laps is not required to wear a mask.

Due to the pandemic, campus saw numerous changes made to daily student life and clubs were no exception. The swim club in particular made a few adjustments to meet current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

“The biggest changes for us have been implementing CDC guidelines in the way that we practice and meet,” third year and swim club president Daria Paulis said. “This includes making sure we’re wearing masks and social distancing when warming up outside the pool.” 

The club is also following recommendations for the number of people in the pool and gear usage.

“We’ve had club members buy their own gear—things like goggles, swim caps, pull buoys and kickboards—if they know they want to use it, so that we aren’t sharing it,” Paulis added.

The swim club sends out weekly emails detailing the hours for the given week, since the hours are ever-changing due to availability of members and coaches.

“Overall, we’re trying to keep the club a fun and welcoming place for anyone who wants to swim regardless of skill level, and are doing all we can to make sure we’re doing it in a safe way during this pandemic,” Paulis said.

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