Study locations for when your dorm isn’t cutting it
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Study locations for when your dorm isn’t cutting it

The feeling of sitting at a dorm desk, staring at a screen and trying to put words together for a paper due at 11:59 p.m. while just not being able to is a universal experience. Sure, studying at cafes is fun, but it can get expensive if students rely on off-campus $6 drinks to find motivation to do work. After gauging student opinions, the Catalyst brings you five study spaces around campus that will help students of all types submit that paper before 11:58 p.m.

Caples Garden

Over on the Caples Campus near the Carriage House, there is a student cultivated garden space that is looking for a breath of fresh air. While it may not be optimal for Zoom meetings, the garden has its own appeal with the chance to work outside and be surrounded by the greenery that the students work hard to cultivate.

Study Rooms in the Library

For three hours at a time in the Jane Bancroft Cook Library, students are able to check out study rooms towards the back left wall on the first and second floor. Past the theses and to the right of the Center of Engagement and Opportunity (CEO), there’s a row of them, including the necessities of Wi-Fi and outlets whereas some include other additions like whiteboards projectors. This option allows students to study on campus without worrying about being disturbed. In order to check one of the rooms out, ask a librarian at the front desk—all it requires is a swipe of a valid NCF student ID.

Anthropology Lab

With limited hours every week on Mondays from 5 to7 p.m., and Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The Anthropology Lab is a great place to listen to lo-fi SpongeBob music and study. Run by Catalyst Co Copy-Editor and Anthropology Lab TA Gaby Batista, the lab is filled with interesting books, snacks and a printer available for student use.

Four Winds

Number four is Four Winds, another study space on campus. This former cafe-turned-event-space is a nice location on the bayfront side of campus between the Academic Center (ACE) and College Hall. With a drink vending machine outside on their patio and a Where the Wild Things Are themed restroom, there’s a certain charm of this study space option. 

Computer Lab

Some students find it helpful to have multiple screens to multitask while working, and the computer lab has just that. Also located in Jane Bancroft Cook Library past the cafe space, there are desks featuring dual monitor computer setups. The computers are open for students to quietly use with the same login as their myNCF account.

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