Students vote for Swamp PCP theme


Fog, foliage and the tombstones of past thesis projects will soon decorate Palm Court and the remainder of campus as Swamp Palm Court Party (PCP) takes over New College. Students have voted in favor of thesis student James Carillo’s Swamp PCP, opting for mist and Spanish moss over a Cosmic Atlantis, South Florida or C.O.W. theme. The Black Box Theater (BBT) will be transformed into “deep swamp,” with some source of moonlight-like lighting while Palm Court will likely contain a DJ and will be surrounded by Spanish moss, microwaved to kill any bugs it might be housing. Decorations may also include stone fixtures, a possible “black lodge” theme in the old mail room, and perhaps even murder mystery puzzles and games.

“A couple friends and I really like the idea of setting up interesting environments for PCP,” Carillo commented via email. “I’ve always thought atmosphere to be the most important thing […] so we started with the basic idea of what’s a cool environment with low cost… I think this PCP will be really immersive as grad PCPs should be.” When asked if there is need for help with organization and decoration Carillo replied, “There’s still room! We’re open to all the hands and ideas we can get. When the day of PCP rolls around all the fourth years involved will be MIA doing family stuff and graduating so all years are needed for PCP to be successful and it’s a great learning experience in organizing for the future.”

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