Students gather for ISP workshop

Last Wednesday saw a conglomeration of students in Sudakoff for the ISP workshop. Mostly first-years and second-years with the occasional upper year, all were in a January state of mind, ready for information and much anticipated Group ISP details.

The session began with Dean of Studies Robert Zamsky discussing the workings behind ISPs and presenting the very dependable ISP Handbook. The 2015 version was released the following Friday but Zamsky still gave a preliminary breakdown of the handbook itself at the workshop. As he pointed out, the handbook includes detailed instructions for ISPs and, more importantly, a list of faculty by division with each faculty’s contact, profile, academic focuses and even expectations for student ISPs.

“The most important thing I got out of the ISP workshop was definitely learning about the online ISP handbook,” first-year Rebecca Miles said. “I hope they come out with more cool Group ISPs,” she added.

After the floor was opened up to questions, which mostly circulated around financial issues, professors and TAs presented their Group ISPs. So far, the group ISPs for 2015 include Permaculture, Stock Trading, Native Plant Restoration, Archiving, Animal Care and several more. All established Group ISPs are listed and explained in the 2015 Handbook. There are more Group ISPs to come and the Provost Office recommends checking in on the 2015 ISP handbook after Nov. 5.

“I’m considering the Permaculture ISP for my first year,” first-year Lilly Solomon said. “I plan to focus in Literature but it would be great to get away from the pretentious essay writing and get hands-on experience in the garden.”

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