Student activists unite with SEE Alliance
Exterior of the SEE Space. (Courtesy of Google Maps.)

Student activists unite with SEE Alliance

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The Social Equity through Education (SEE) Alliance Sarasota is calling all young and passionate social activists to join in the fight for equal and accessible voting. Over several years, the state of Florida has been determined to make the voting process difficult for its marginalized citizens. This includes legislation that increases the fines for third-party registration groups, along with a shortened registration application submission window. The high school club-turned-statewide-nonprofit is banding together to support and protect young voters in Florida so they can have the same opportunity to vote, despite the many obstacles set in place by government officials. 

New laws have negatively impacted voting registration in several ways. The vote-by-mail rules, which have been changed for three years in a row, are not only inconsistent, but also unnecessarily strict on time. Staggering fines for up to $50,000 are also the new norm in Florida for Green Card holders or legal immigrants if they access a voting form. Under Gov. Ron Desantis, grassroots organizations aiming to help register groups that face voter discrimination are facing major roadblocks. These problems, along with many other pressing voter-related issues are the “Why?” of the SEE Alliance. 

SEE Alliance was founded by Pine View School alum Zander Moricz, and what started as just a club had turned into a rallying force for a cause. The collaborative work focuses on two main aspects to achieve one goal: protections and power. The short term work that they do seeks to ensure safety for the under-represented communities that they are fighting to protect. SEE Space’s efforts include iconic moments like the “Walkout 2 Learn,” the largest student-run protest in Florida to date. As well as the “Say Gay Sticker Campaign” that the alliance organized, which resulted in members being invited to the White House and several other impressive accomplishments.

The SEE Alliance is continuously recruiting the next wave of students who care. Signing up to be a part of the collaboration is made easy via Google Form on their website; however, becoming a member is not necessary to participate in upcoming SEE Alliance events. For up to date scheduling, checkout the SEE Alliance website or visit them at 615 S Orange Ave in Sarasota’s Historic Burns Court Square.

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