State Fire Marshall will re-inspect on April 20

He came, he saw and he will be back. The State Fire Marshall visited New College over spring break for a fire and life safety inspection, which NCF failed. In an email to students, Associate Dean of Students Tracy Murry wrote that in addition to the inspection of rooms, “fire drills were conducted during spring break. The fire safety team was shocked that not a single individual evacuated during the alarm.”

The Fire Marshall will reinspect and conduct fire drills on April 20. “The Fire Marshall and police will decide what happens to any individual who fails to evacuate during these drills,” Murry wrote. New College has also been asked to make a plan to correct the fire safety issues of concern. Some of the problems include having extension cords, buildings with propped doors, candles with burned wicks and blocked hallways and exits. “Potential solutions” include giving a checklist to individual rooms for issues the residents of the room need to resolve and also conducting practice fire drills.

Resident Advisers will check rooms on campus before the Fire Marshall returns to check that rooms are in accordance with fire safety regulations. “Failure to correct these violations may result in severe fines levied against the college, against individual students, further more intrusive inspections by the Fire Marshall, and the potential does exist for areas to be red tagged and certificate of occupancy suspended,” Murry wrote.

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