Starbucks finds home close to old spot


Starbucks by Jasmine
The drive thru is a new addition to the updated Starbucks.

Starbucks on University Parkway has officially moved to a new space on Tuttle. Whether this move will benefit New College students is yet to be determined. Although, there is another drive-thru Starbucks across town, this location seems more appropriate, since it is located on a stretch of road with multiple fast food restaurants. Typically, the Starbucks drive-thrus are hard to navigate. Not a positive attribute when caffeine deprived people and driving is involved. The parking lot is confusing to get to in the dark, but that won’t stop most people from getting their coffee fix.

Unfortunately, this new location is not open 24 hours like the previous location on university had been. Its current hours are listed as 4:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. every day.

The employees at this location seem more willing to discuss the intricacies of the coffee. There was a menu featuring exotically named coffees that a customer may expect at a more specialty or artesian coffee shop. The look of this location is also more sophisticated. There is a lack of cushy leather chairs. This location seems to support causal conversation after work or grabbing a quick coffee. It’s atmosphere seems less supportive of all nighters in sweatpants,

“This location is a lot more organized than the previous,” Third-year Daniel Anderson-Little said.

“You can set the temperature of the machine to the region where the coffee was found” Starbucks manager Laura said.

What is interesting about this Starbucks relocation, is the mix of people at the new spot. There was a hodge podge of different ages, races and what have you. There were fruity drinks, black coffee, no whip and light ice galore. One of the benefits of grand opening is promos. As of now, this Starbucks is offering edible, chocolate straws.

“You need to take a few sips and take a bite of the straw to get the true chocolate flavor,” third-year Dirk Warner said.

“Last semester I used to go to [the Starbucks north of school] to escape the big NCF crowds,” Second-year Kayla Evens said. “Hopefully everybody won’t flock to the Tuttle one.”

The new Starbucks location is more about experience than the previous. You could sit here work or just people watch and there is a space for that.

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